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San Francisco
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Recommended References

Please review as many of these as possible before the conference Image for link to US Truth Emergency References: Books Image for link to US Truth Emergency References: Films Image for link to US Truth Emergency References: Online

Historical Perspectives on Corporatist War

Prof. Emanuel Pastreich of George Washington University offers his insights on war profiteering, the military-industrial complex, and the Iraq War– in particular its parallels, not to Vietnam, but Imperial Japan’s occupation of Manchuria during the 1930’s. See “Read more…” for related reference links.

Lockheed Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

by Richard Cummings

Book Review: James Carroll’s “House of War”

Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers
A film by Robert Greenwald

The New Imperialism and the Post-Colonial Developmental State:
Manchukuo in comparative perspective

By Prasenjit Duara

Our Mercenaries in Iraq: Blackwater Inc and Bush’s Undeclared Surge

Is Energo-fascism in Your Future?
The Global Energy Race and Its Consequences
(Part 1)
By Michael T. Klare

Petro-Power and the Nuclear Renaissance
Two Faces of an Emerging Energo-fascism
(Part 2)
By Michael T. Klare

Soldiers of Good Fortune

The Pentagon’s Private Corps