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Project Censored and 911truth.org
Be the Media

Organizing Committee
Gabriel Day

Santa Cruz, CA
Bonnie Faulkner
Glen Ellen, CA
Mickey Huff
Berkeley, CA
David Kubiak
Half Moon Bay, CA
David Mathison
San Francisco
Janice Matthews
Kansas City, MO
Peter Phillips
Sonoma, CA
Ken Reiner
Long Beach, CA
Bryan Sacks
Philadelphia, PA
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Recommended References

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Investigative reporters and whistleblowers illuminating federal corruption, war policy, unconstitutional surveillance, “national security” abuse, election fraud and other coup related fields.

Media scholars, professionals and activists with substantial experience, influence and/or ambition in any communication field who tend to believe most or all of the following premises:

  1. The authoritarian influence and avarice of big corporations has infected all branches of our governance, and their coin-operated candidates, lobbyists, regulators and other more secretive agents now threaten our freedoms, our democracy, and the biosphere as a whole.
  2. Unbridled corporate interest is the prime force now driving our society into insolvency, ill health, ecological demise, totalitarian peril, and endless war,
  3. Corporate consciousness married with state military might births terrible violence, corruption, secrecy and a never-ending hunger for increased power and control.
  4. Another internal “terror attack” (before or after military action in Iran) could trigger a long list of existing Executive Orders and national security legislation legitimizing police state powers tantamount to martial law.
  5. Public awareness of our corporatist usurpers’ darkest deeds and the patterns they reveal may awaken enough people to the nature of the threat in time to reclaim democratic power.
  6. The alt media universe has developed enough power to reach hundreds of millions with truly transformative messages if we only knew what they were.

Angel funders and fundraisers with similar concerns who would support a credible countercoup strategy if one were to emerge.

We are looking for creative individuals somehow involved in journalism or media activities and prepared to help create a new nervous system for our body politic and reshape the content of national debate. If you haven’t received an invitation and you feel qualified, please feel free to invite yourself. Join us and meet the daring dangerous ilk we’re hoping to attract.