Sponsored by:
Project Censored and 911truth.org
Be the Media

Organizing Committee
Gabriel Day

Santa Cruz, CA
Bonnie Faulkner
Glen Ellen, CA
Mickey Huff
Berkeley, CA
David Kubiak
Half Moon Bay, CA
David Mathison
San Francisco
Janice Matthews
Kansas City, MO
Peter Phillips
Sonoma, CA
Ken Reiner
Long Beach, CA
Bryan Sacks
Philadelphia, PA
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Recommended References

Please review as many of these as possible before the conference Image for link to US Truth Emergency References: Books Image for link to US Truth Emergency References: Films Image for link to US Truth Emergency References: Online

The Satya Sam Award
An Independent Media Oscar
for the Practice and Promotion
of Fearless Truth-telling and
Investigative Reporting

(Short for Satyagraha Samurai – those who fight for peace,
justice and the planet using only the force of the truth)

Image of the Satya Sam Award
The Santa Cruz Media Strategy Summit presented the 2008 Satya Sam Award to W. David Kubiak, lead organizer of the conference and a Project Censored Award winner. Kubiak was founding executive director of 911truth.org and has spent the last 20 years writing, organizing and campaigning to end the curse of corporate rule.