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Santa Cruz, CA

Glen Ellen, CA
Mickey Huff
Berkeley, CA
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Half Moon Bay, CA
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San Francisco
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Recommended References

US Truth Emergency Refernces: Books
US Truth Emergency Refernces: Films
US Truth Emergency Refernces: Online

Recommended References

Please review as many of these as possible before the conference

Who says Americans haven't scrificed for war
US Truth Emergency Refernces: BooksUS Truth Emergency Refernces: FilmsUS Truth Emergency Refernces: Online

Inspiring & Explanatory Audio

Too Important to Report

Project Censored’s Peter Phillips on the most critical unheard stories of our time

Suprapartisan Alarms

Thom Hartmann interviews ex-Reagan asst AG Bruce Fein on urgent need for impeachment

Paul Craig Roberts on Democracy’s End

Ex-Reagan official/WSJ editor on how far the sky has fallen

JFK on Media and Secrecy

A stirring 5-minute reminder of how much we’ve lost so fast

JFK & Gangster Government

Michael Parenti’s classic speech on a democratic people’s need to confront “conspiracies” here